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As described above, the project consists of two parallel, main pillars that will each inform the other, and strengthen the project foundation. One is made out of the socio-economic, dialogue-focused process, and the other focus on the collection of biological data and research.

In order to establish common ground amongst citizens and user groups in the area of Ovstrup Hede, integrating the needed legitimate knowledge, a dialogue process will be initiated. The dialogue process will be based on documented experiences from Critical Utopian Action Research projects and other dialogue projects in order to maximise the ownership and legitimacy via social learning processes. The existing knowledge and expertise will be adapted into the specific local context to optimize the potential impact. The project will run for four years and the textual documentation will be the empirical basis for the analysis and for the final conclusions and a possible continuation of the project. The dialogue process will be divided into the four following phases:

  1. The mapping of existing and experienced problems related to the Red Deer management, as well as existing needs and visions for the future management.
  2. The development of plans for the implementation of identified objectives and the priority of the expertise and knowledge needed for the implementation.
  3. The implementation of plans and the initiation of scientific studies and observations needed for the implementation.
  4. Evaluating and decisions on follow-up initiatives and further studies as well as a communication of results from the project in writing, public meetings and conferences.

Photo: Peter Staunsbjerg