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"Aarhus University Structural Biology and Biophysics Initiative" (AUSBI) is an interactive network of structural biologists/biophysicists across many disciplines and departments/faculties that investigate molecular structure and dynamics using biophysical methods and often collaborate. Methods spanning from e.g. spectroscopy and scattering/diffraction techniques to microscopy and mass-spec.

Recurrent events

Cryo-EM Common Interest Group (AUEMCIG)


Biweekly, Fridays at 11-12 am (even weeks)
Venue: meeting room 1872-447 (or 1872-547), Dept. MBG, AU

Meet likeminded colleagues, hear the latest updates, be inspired, learn from your peers and enjoy cryo-EM! 

This is an open group for AU researchers with an interest in single-particle cryo-electron microscopy and tomography.
The group organises regular meetings with the aim of exchanging knowledge about 3D reconstruction by EM techniques at AU.

Link to Labbook page and mailinglist sign-up: AU Cryo-EM Common Interest Group (AUEMCIG)

AlphaFold Interest Group


An AlphaFold interest group meeting series is available at Dept. Molecular Biology and Genetics, Aarhus University.
Everyone interested is welcome to join!

The second meeting of this interet group will take place the 29th of February 2024 at 12-13pm (MBG venue TBA).

The organizers are also looking for people, who would be willing to share their project and give a small presentation. This can be work in progress - it is not a requirement to have a complete story, as the meetings are about sharing and discussing the use of AF/AI in our research.

One or two presentations of about 20-30min per meeting would be ideal. So, please don’t hesitate to sign up or nominate a colleague with a great project.

Current presenter schedule:








Michael Westberg






The first meeting of this interest group took place 30th of November, where it was discussed topics and format of the interest group. 

Please contact nb@mbg.au.dk, if you would like to be part of this AlphaFold Interest Group, and receive meeting invitaitons.
Read more about AlphaFold on AU Labbook

On behalf of the organizers, 


Niels Bøgholm, Postdoc (nb@mbg.au.dk)
Esben Lorentzen lab
Center for Structural Biology
Department of Molecular Biology and Genetics
Aarhus University
Universitetsbyen 81
DK-8000 Aarhus C