Uptake of soil management practices and experiences with decisions support tools

This study provides an analysis of the consultation with the farming community carried out within Task 5.1 of the project. This task entailed consultation with the policy and advisor community in the six case study regions and countries (Sjælland - Denmark; Közép-Magyarország - Hungary; Tuscany - Italy; Eastern Scotland - Scotland; Mazowieckie- Poland; Andalucia -Spain). The aim was to consult experts both nationally and in the case study regions about two main issues, 1. the current promotion, implementation and barriers to uptake of soil management practices with particular emphasis on soil carbon management, and 2. their experience and requirements of DSTs, with particular emphasis on those supporting soil carbon management.

Face to face and telephone interviews were carried out with policy makers and advisors in each case study country. Respondents were selected based on their expertise and experience in relation to the soil and crop management.  The interview schedules were developed using expert knowledge, a literature review and partner consultation

In the sub-menues below, you will find:

  • Summary of current soil carbon management practices
  • Summary of experiences and preferences of DSTs by stakeholders
  • A list of available decision support tools by case study country - including links to the DSTs
  • A description of methods used in this study

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