Pre-symposium session at THINK Piglet 2023

PIG-PARADIGM Pre-symposium session at THINK Piglet 2023

On September 21, 2023, PIG-PARADIGM hosted an engaging Pre-Symposium Session at THINK Piglet Health & Nutrition 2023 in Copenhagen, Denmark. This event was dedicated to sharing valuable insights about the PIG-PARADIGM project with our esteemed industrial partners. We were thrilled to have 36 attendees join us for this session.

Throughout the two-hour session, PIG-PARADIGM Project Coordinator, Charlotte Lauridsen, shared the project overview and AMR research context. Professor Jens Peter Nielsen explained why pig production is a major consumer of antibiotics. Chair of Host Pillar, Merete Fredholm, provided insights into the ongoing cohort study within the pillar. Two core researchers from Nutrition Pillar, Professor Knud Erik Bach Knudsen and Senior Researcher Nuria Canibe shared some perspectives on the current studies in Nutrition Pillar.

The session was not only an opportunity for knowledge-sharing but also a platform for interactive dialogue. Our industrial partners actively participated in the general discussion, bringing forth inspiring insights and posing thought-provoking questions that added depth and richness to our conversations. We deeply appreciate their engagement and the enthusiasm they brought to this session.

Speakers and presentations of the day:

- Welcome & PIG-PARADIGM Project Overview by Charlotte Lauridsen (AU)
- Why is pig production a major consumer of antibiotics? by Jens Peter Nielsen (KU)
- The Host Pillar: current activities and aim of the studies by Merete Fredholm (KU)
- The contradictionary effects of fibre in animal nutrition and health by Knud Erik Bach Knudsen(AU)
- Focus on gut microbial metabolites in the weaning period by Nuria Canibe (AU)

PIG-PARADIGM Pre-symposium Presentations