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Main contact for the BIOMETSCO project

Lasse Sommer Kristensen

Tenure Track assistant professor

2021.03.18 | BIOMETSCO

NanoString Technologies - industry partner in ODIN

NanoString Technologies is an active industry partner on the ODIN project BIOMETSCO. Below, Rudy Van Eijsden explains why they have chosen to participate in the BIOMETSCO project:

2021.03.18 | MiCO Platform, BIOMETSCO

omiics - industry partner in ODIN

CEO in omiics, Morten Venø, here explains why it is important for a SMV like omiics to participate in ODIN's open innovation platform.

2021.03.16 | BIOMETSCO

Open Collaborations in the BIOMETSCO project

In this video, head of the BIOMETSCO project, Lasse Sommer Kristensen, explains the advantages of the open collaborations his project.

2021.03.16 | BIOMETSCO

BioXpedia - industry partner in ODIN

Several pharma and biotech companies are part of the ODIN network. Here CEO Mogens Kruhøffer explains why BioXpedia is active in ODIN

2021.02.22 | BIOMETSCO

Introducing the BIOMETSCO Project

In this short video, you will get to know the BIOMETSCO project and its team members. The project aims to use a new state-of-the-art approach, digital spatial profiling (DSP), to characterize the molecular evolution of cancer sub-clones in tumours and metastatic sites.

2021.01.27 | People , BIOMETSCO

Meet the BIOMETSCO team

The BIOMETSCO project combines key academic competences within molecular biology, clinical pathology and bioinformatics with support from the industry and hospitals. Read more about the team in the text below.

Our OPEN approach to innovation in science

In ODIN, all findings and results will be shared openly. 

Researchers working on ODIN projects are encouraged to upload all of their findings to the ODIN community on Zenodo - see the link to the right.

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