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BioXpedia - industry partner in ODIN

Several pharma and biotech companies are part of the ODIN network. Here CEO Mogens Kruhøffer explains why BioXpedia is active in ODIN

“I like the ODIN concept because open innovation in drug discovery will benefit everyone from researchers and industry to the general population.

There are two main reasons for us to participate actively in the ODIN network:
1. It’s a great way to expand our network – both within academia and in industry
2. It enables us to keep our fingers on the pulse regarding new research areas at the university.
Taken together, our participation in ODIN helps us implement new technologies and workflows into our portfolio, which is regularly updated according to costumer requests and needs.

We are currently one of the industry partners on the BIOMETSCO projects, and we are looking forward to seeing which project will be selected in the upcoming application round in May.”

says Mogens Kruhøffer.

The BIOMETSCO project is headed by Lasse Sommer Kristensen in collaboration with Thomas Mailund from Aarhus University.

The following companies are also industry partners in BIOMETSCO:


NanoString Technologies and


Read more about the BIOMETSCO project here or watch the BIOMETSCO introduction video on YouTube.