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omiics - industry partner in ODIN

CEO in omiics, Morten Venø, here explains why it is important for a SMV like omiics to participate in ODIN's open innovation platform.

“Participating in ODIN is a great opportunity for an SME like omiics in several different ways. Participation in these ambitious projects enable us to expand our current knowledgebase in relation  to biomarker and drug target discovery. The resulting publications are a strong channel to document the high value of our service to customers worldwide.

Participation in the network itself allows us to stay up to date on new initiatives and research within Aarhus University and in the other participating companies. Although we cannot meet with other participants at physical events, ODIN provides a digital platform, acting as a “virtual coffee-stand” for informal mingling and exchange of ideas.”

says Morten Venø.

omiics in industry partner in both the BIOMETSCO and MiCO Platform projects.

The MiCO Platform project is headed by Mark Denham in collaboration with Daniel Otzen, also from AarhusUniversity. Novo Nordisk is also an industry partners on the project.

Read more about the MiCO project here or watch the MiCO introduction video on YouTube.

The BIOMETSCO project is headed by Lasse Sommer Kristensen in collaboration with Thomas Mailund from AarhusUni. AstraZeneca,  BioXpedia, and NanoString Technologies, are also industry partners on the BIOMETSCO project.

Read more about the BIOMETSCO project here or watch the BIOMETSCO introduction video on YouTube.