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The team behind the BIOMETSCO project aims to identify new biomarkers and drug targets for metastases of colon cancer. Four industry partners from AstraZeneca, BioXpedia, NanoString Technologies and omiics are involved in the project, and together they hope to pave the way for new treatments with fewer side effects.

On this page, you can find all of the news from ODIN, which is related to the BIOMETSCO project. Lasse Sommer Kristensen is head of the BIOMETSCO project, and if you would like to have more information you can find his contact information below.

BIOMETSCO is short for "Identification of Novel BIOmarkers and Drug Targets for the Detection and Elimination of Occult METastaseS in COlon Cancer"

Main contact for the BIOMETSCO project

Companies involved in the BIOMETSCO project

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