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The MiCO Platform team aims to develop a stem cell-based model platform that mimics the neurobiology for the three primary resions of the central neurvous system. Some of the many advantages of the developed MiCO Platform will be the  ability to mimic the human biology and thus better identify and validate drug targets for neurological disorders. Novo Nordisk is industry partner in the MiCO Platform project.

On this page, you can find all of the news from ODIN, which is related to the MiCO Platform project. Feel free to contact Mark Denham, who is head of the MiCO Platform project, if you are looking for more information.

MiCO Platform is short for "A Human Stem Cell-based MIniaturised Controlled Organoid (MiCO) Platform for Investigating Neurological Disorders"

Main contact for the MiCO Platform project

Mark Denham

Group Leader, Associate Professor

Companies involved in the MiCO Platform project

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