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Novo Nordisk - industry partner in MiCO Platform

Jonathan Niclis from Novo Nordisk is an industry partner MiCO Platform project. He here explains, why the open approach to innovation and collaboration is important.

"I am a specialist scientist at Novo Nordisk, and we are very happy to be part of ODIN. The MiCO platform project, where I am an industry partner, relates to regenerative medicine, which is very new and emerging field but one which holds great promise for treating severe diseases. We believe that it is incredibly important to contribute the field in an open, collaborative and altruistic way to ensure that the entire field succeeds and flourishes together. The MiCO platform project will allow us to study and probe our emerging stem cell therapies as well as our traditional pharmacological compounds at a greater detail. It will also enable us to test drugs in a human in vitro model and thus ultimately reduce the amount of time, costs and animals used in our projects."

says Jonathan Niclis.

The MiCO Platform project is headed by Associate Professor Mark Denham. You can read more about the MiCO Platform projet here or visit YouTube to watch the project introduction video.