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NanoString Technologies - industry partner in BIOMETSCO

NanoString Technologies is an active industry partner on the ODIN project BIOMETSCO. Below, Rudy Van Eijsden explains why they have chosen to participate in the BIOMETSCO project:

”We believe that the project will uncover new fundamental knowledge that holds great potential for discovering better biomarkers and drug targets for the detection and elimination of hidden colon cancer metastasis. NanoString Technologies' involvement in the BIOMETSCO project, which addresses an important clinical challenge, will help increase awareness of our innovative technologies that support our customer's in their relentless pursuit of answers."

The BIOMETSCO project is headed by Lasse Sommer Kristensen in collaboration with Thomas Mailund from Aarhus University. AstraZeneca, BioXpedia, and omiics are also industry partners on the BIOMETSCO project.

Read more about the BIOMETSCO project here or watch the BIOMETSCO introduction video on YouTube.