Nordic EMBL Partnership awarded NordForsk funding

Grant awarded as part of Nordic Research Infrastructure Hubs call

The Nordic EMBL Partnership for Molecular Medicine has been awarded 2.5 million NOK by NordForsk as part of their ‘Nordic Research Infrastructure Hubs’ initiative. The decision came after review by an international expert panel, who rated the Nordic EMBL Partnership’s application as “outstanding”.

Today, the Partnership serves as an exchange platform for students, postdocs, group leaders and support personnel to transform their working environments and career development. The current hub program will further realise this potential.

Application commended for strengths in promoting molecular medicine in the Nordics

The application was highlighted for its strengths in linking research in the Nordic countries with molecular medicine and the EMBL, and in its proposed training strategy for student and postdoc exchanges and shared PhD and master courses on advanced methods and approaches in molecular medicine. The panel also highlighted the level of the Partnership’s internationalism, research quality, and innovation as being of particular value to the Nordics.

Promotion of interdisciplinary research and better knowledge exchange

The grant will mean a further strengthening of molecular medicine in the Nordic countries through the Nordic EMBL Partnership. It will also enable the Partnership to better exploit its distributed infrastructures, whilst improving their accessibility and facilitating better knowledge exchange to ensure contemporary approaches in molecular medicine.

Through the excellence-based EMBL Partnership, the program will additionally help to open doors to the most attractive research environments for further knowledge exchange and interaction on a global scale. The Nordic countries will contribute more directly to EMBL operations, strategies and its long-term program plans through increased engagement through the Partnership.

Enhanced career opportunities for the benefit of the Nordics and beyond

The partnership hub will also stimulate the increase of interdisciplinary approaches and ambitions in molecular medicine, with enhanced mobility and exchange of core expertise and human resources amongst the Nordic countries. The program will help the Nordic countries to better capitalize on their EMBL membership, with an increase in career development opportunities at EMBL sites. The program will help to facilitate the education of specialists and research leaders in molecular medicine, leading to translational research, precision medicine and personalized care that will impact the clinical sector, public health and biotech industry.

The speaker of the Nordic EMBL Partnership, Professor Poul Nissen of Aarhus University and Director of the Danish partnership node, DANDRITE says:

“With the Nordic EMBL Partnership we have established outstanding research centers for molecular medicine in the Nordic countries – NCMM in Oslo, FIMM in Helsinki, MIMS in Umeå, and DANDRITE in Aarhus. “With the NordForsk grant, we can further coordinate our actions and strengthen research and training initiatives in molecular medicine across the Nordic countries. Great thanks go to all nodes for putting a lot of thought and dedication into this infrastructure network program to the benefit of all the Nordic countries”.

About the NordForsk Nordic Research Infrastructure Hubs

A Nordic Research Infrastructure (RI) Hub is a long-term partnership between Nordic universities, universities of applied sciences, university colleges and research institutes in a consortium that provides a framework for enhancing and/or expanding RI cooperation in the Nordic region.

The overall aim of the Nordic RI Hub is to strengthen international competitiveness and facilitate the development of world-leading Nordic RI environments based on relevant research and research infrastructure priorities.

Visit the NordForsk website to learn more about the funding.