Nordic EMBL Partnership: Annual call for PhD students

The Nordic EMBL Partnership has opened its annual call for outstanding students seeking PhDs in molecular medicine.

Start your scientific career with us! 

The Nordic EMBL Partnership tackles some of the biggest challenges in biomedicine today. The complementary research expertise, advanced research infrastructures and strong industry collaborations make the Partnership a global, strategic player, striving for a better understanding of molecular mechanisms of health and disease.

The Partnership comprises four international research centers hosted by the Universities in Aarhus (Denmark), Oslo (Norway), Helsinki (Finland) and Umeå (Sweden) and operates in cooperation with EMBL (European Molecular Biology Laboratory). Each institute brings a unique set of expertise and opportunities in molecular medicine and life science research, complementing each other and the recognised research strengths of EMBL. The Partnership provides researchers with access to scientific collaborations, research infrastructure and training activities. Learn more about the Partnership at and about each node:

DANDRITE, AARHUS, DENMARK Translational Neuroscience 

An interdisciplinary research centre of neuroscience at Aarhus University that combines molecular and circuitry neuroscience with animal models and translational neuroscience. PhD positions are advertised through general open calls four times a year. Find out more

FIMM, HELSINKI, FINLAND Molecular Medicine, Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence  

An international institute for human genomics and personalised medicine at HiLIFE/University of Helsinki that integrates molecular medicine research, technology centre and biobanking infrastructures and promotes translational research in grand challenge projects. Seeking applications in Molecular Medicine, Bioinformatics and Artificial Intelligence. Find out more

MIMS, UMEÅ, SWEDEN, Molecular Infection Medicine 

An international institute at Umeå University that enhances the dynamic field of molecular infection biology and medicine. Research at MIMS focuses in particular on how viruses, bacteria and parasites cause disease and how their hosts respond to infection. Information on PhD and Postdoc positions is posted regularly. Find out more

NCMM, OSLO, NORWAY Molecular Medicine 

A national research centre for molecular medicine at the University of Oslo that advances the molecular understanding of health and disease to facilitate improved medical practice and develop and adapt technologies for personalised medicine. Information on new positions is posted regularly. Find out more.

Visit the institutes’ websites for position descriptions & details on application procedures and deadlines.