NCMM opens new call for group leaders

The Centre is seeking 2-3 new group leaders in AI/Machine Learning and Cell-based Approaches

Photo of Oslo Science Park building.
Oslo Science Park. Photo: John Hughes/UiO

NCMM has opened a new call for two to three new group leaders in research areas that complement the Centre's current strengths. Applications are particularly welcomed from the following fields:

  • AI/Machine learning, tackling human diseases
  • Stem cell/iPS cell science and disease
  • High-throughput single-cell and cell-based system approaches
  • NCMM is also open to consider other emerging technologies that would complement ongoing research at the Centre

Group Leaders will be selected using the quality criteria and process of assessment as for recruitment to EMBL Group Leader positions with the focus on scientific excellence and potential to collaborate with existing NCMM group leaders. The successful candidates are expected to initiate new independent research programs with a clear relevance to molecular medicine and disease mechanisms.

Generous start-up package to establish group

NCMM provides attractive sustainable support packages for new group leaders of approx. 1.8 million EUR over the first five-year period. This includes salaries of the group leader, a postdoctoral fellow, a doctoral student as well as a technician (total 4 positions), consumables and modern laboratory facilities. The candidates are expected to complement this budget through other national and / or international grants and / or through industrial collaborations. NCMM scientists will be supported by excellent in-house research infrastructures and have access to the local research community’s infrastructures (see technology platforms at University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital), national infrastructures and international capabilities provided by EMBL.

Potential to combine role with a part-time adjunct position with local hospitals

The Group Leader positions may in addition be combined with a part-time adjunct position (20%) at Oslo University Hospital or Akershus University Hospital under the South-Eastern Norway Regional Health Authority or if relevant, at another national university hospital. We encourage clinician scientists to apply.

The deadline for applications is 15 September 2021.

Learn more and apply.