Exploring the Intersection of Art and Neuroscience at the Danish Science Festival 2024

In a fusion of scientific investigation and artistic expression, the Danish Science Festival 2024 kicked off with an unforgettable event at the Ancient Art Museum, facilitated by Assistant Professor Andrea Moreno from DANDRITE, the Danish Research Institute of Translational Neuroscience.

Photo: Lise Balsby.
Photo: Lise Balsby.

Article originally published at DANDRITE website: https://dandrite.au.dk/display/artikel/exploring-the-intersection-of-art-and-neuroscience-danish-research-festival-2024


Attendees were treated to an immersive seminar delving into the mysteries of memory formation and loss. The highlight of the evening? A hands-on workshop where participants painted neurons, taking home not just knowledge, but also beautiful creations inspired by the intricate workings of the brain.

Assistant Professor Andrea Moreno, a neuroscientist with a passion for visual art, led the seminar, weaving together her expertise in neuroscience with her artistic vision. “I believe that the brain is beautiful, and art helps us see that; moreover, it is well known that having a hands-on experience is the cornerstone of true understanding. It's in the act of doing, experimenting, and engaging with something first-hand that we truly integrate knowledge and make it our own” - says Andrea. Through her presentation, attendees gained insights into how the brain creates and retains memories, exploring the delicate elegance of neural cells and their profound impact on human experiences. The seminar not only educated but also inspired, as attendees discovered the profound interplay between science and creativity.

The highlight of the event was undoubtedly the neuron painting workshop, where attendees unleashed their creativity by painting neurons using watercolours. Guided by Moreno's expertise, participants transformed scientific concepts into little works of art that were both beautiful and creative. The séance ended with an art exhibition where participants showcased their works.

As the workshop concluded, participants left not only with newfound knowledge but also with tangible mementos of their experience. “I would recommend it to anyone interested in art, or science, or really just interested in learning” – one participant said. By exploring the intersection of creative expression and learning, the event exemplified the power of interdisciplinarity to inspire, educate, and engage.

Pictures from the event can be found here: link.

The event was hosted by DANDRITE and co-funded by Forskningens Døgn.

The Danish Science Festival will continue this week with many more events, with participation from plenty of DANDRITE researchers.