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2021.10.14 | People

Meet the new FIMM-EMBL-DSHealth doc­toral stu­dents

A warm welcome to the 2021 FIMM-EMBL & DSHealth International PhD Programme students! This energetic and ambitious group of junior scientists can’t wait to learn as much as possible during their first year.

2021.10.14 | Awards

The Cryo-EM platform receives grant from the Swedish Research Council

New grants from the The Swedish Research Council will allow SciLifeLab platforms and units to double screening capacity, acquire high-end instruments and conduct large scale clinical trials. Linda Sandblad, Platform Scientific Director at the Umeå node of the Cryo-EM SciLifeLab Infrastructure Unit, MIMS Team Leader, applied for the grant to expand…

2021.10.07 | Research news

New leads in research into the ori­gin of identical twins

An international group of researchers has made a groundbreaking discovery that could lead to new insights into the blueprint of identical twins. The researchers found a unique epigenetic profile in identical twins pointing to genes involved in cell adhesion.

Dr. Sandra Lopez-Aviles. Photo: Oda Hveem

2021.09.28 | People

NCMM group leader, Sandra Lopez-Aviles, appointed as an Associate Professor at the University of Oslo

NCMM congratulates Dr. Lopez-Aviles, who will join the Department of Biosciences (IBV), UiO, in December 2021.

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