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Dr Emma Haapaniemi. Photo: Matti Immonen

2021.07.06 | Research news

Developing better therapies for rare immune diseases

Dr Emma Haapaniemi is head of the Precision Pediatrics and Gene Editing group at NCMM. Here, she describes the impacts and burden that rare immune diseases have on patients and how she is working to help provide them with a cure.

Dr Keisuke Yonehara. Photo: Annabel Darby

2021.06.15 | People

Keisuke Yonehara: How experience gained at DANDRITE helped him secure a permanent professorship in Japan

Keisuke Yonehara is head of the Spatially Asymmetric Neural Circuits in Visual System group at DANDRITE

Oslo Science Park. Photo: John Hughes/UiO

2021.06.11 | People

NCMM opens new call for group leaders

The Centre is seeking 2-3 new group leaders in AI/Machine Learning and Cell-based Approaches

Professor Poul Nissen awarded Anders Jahre's major medical award in 2021 for his research in membrane proteins. Photo: Lisbeth Heilesen.

2021.06.10 | Awards

Professor Poul Nissen, Director of DANDRITE, receives the Anders Jahre Senior Medical Prize 2021

Prof. Nissen recognised for his ground-breaking research into the structure and function of membrane proteins.

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Upcoming Partnership Events

Mon 08 Nov
10:50-10:50 | Oslo
PhD Course in Molecular Medicine
NCMM will organise their annual PhD course in Molecular Medicine. The event runs for two weeks.
Wed 01 Dec
10:56-10:56 | FIMM/University of Helsinki, Finland
FIMM Building Bridges 2021
'From Research Infrastructure to Clinical Translation'
Mon 31 Jan
12:06-12:06 | Aarhus
Annual Nordic EMBL Partnership Network Meeting
Hosted by DANDRITE. Further details to follow.