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Dr Marieke Kuijjer. Photo: Oda Hveem

2021.09.15 | Research news

Building bridges for NCMM: how national and international collaborations help to drive research

Dr. Marieke Kuijjer, head of the Computational Biology and Systems Medicine Group at NCMM, describes how she collaborates both nationally and internationally, and how it helps to drive her research.

Keisuke Yonehara with a research mouse. Photo: Katrine Ø Rasmussen

2021.09.14 | Research news

The eye registers motion in a hitherto unsuspected way

The Lundbeck Foundation has featured the work of DANDRITE's Yonehara group and their recently published paper in the journal Neuron. The findings were revealed with the help of a “homing” virus, and it is believed that the technique can also be used to study other mammalian senses.

Dr. Mahesh Tambe, FIMM-Bayer postdoctoral researcher. Photo: FIMM

2021.08.30 | People

FIM­M­POD pro­gramme pro­motes in­dustry-aca­de­mia part­ner­ships through joint postdoc po­s­i­tions

The second FIMM-Bayer joint postdoctoral researcher has been recruited as part of the FIMMPOD professional development programme activities. Congratulations to Dr. Mahesh Tambe who started this position in August 2021!

Anatomy of the human lung. Photo: Unsplash

2021.08.18 | Research news

New dia­gnostic as­say holds po­ten­tial for tail­or­ing personalized cancer treat­ment

Researchers at FIMM/University of Helsinki show that cells that are freshly isolated from lung cancers can be used to create robust drug response data.

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Upcoming Partnership Events

Wed 29 Sep
15:00-16:15 | Helsinki, Finland (online)
FIMM meets Pharma Sep Webinar: Genomic data supporting drug development
In this webinar, we will feature the FinnGen study, an ambitious public-private research project aiming to produce and analyze genome data on 500.000 Finnish biobank participants.
Thu 30 Sep
08:30-13:15 | Horsens, Denmark
DANDRITE retreat 2021
This year's DANDRITE Retreat will be a 2-day event taking place from 30 September - 1 October.
Mon 18 Oct
09:00-11:23 | Online/Umeå University
4th Annual CryoNet Symposium
The 4th Annual CryoNET Symposium will, through a panel of distinguished speakers, highlight the latest discoveries facilitated by cryo-EM research and new directions that are emerging.
Mon 08 Nov
10:50-10:50 | Oslo
PhD Course in Molecular Medicine
NCMM will organise their annual PhD course in Molecular Medicine. The event runs for two weeks.
Mon 22 Nov
14:00-20:00 | Zoom/online
EMBL Conference: Cancer Genomics
Leading researchers from across different areas of cancer research will come together to present the latest advancements in the field and to discuss the further integration of their scientific efforts.
Wed 01 Dec
10:56-10:56 | FIMM/University of Helsinki, Finland
FIMM Building Bridges 2021
'From Research Infrastructure to Clinical Translation'
Mon 31 Jan
12:06-12:06 | Aarhus
Annual Nordic EMBL Partnership Network Meeting
Hosted by DANDRITE. Further details to follow.