Workshop 9: Developing H2020 project application: BB-08-2017 – Strategies for improving the bioeconomy knowledge of the general public

Workshop, Aarhus University, Campus Foulum
Thursday September 15, 2016
Workshop leader:
Claus Bo Andreasen


According to a H2020 call (BB-08-2017: Strategies for improving the bioeconomy knowledge of the general public) the bioeconomy is not well-known among European citizens due to lack of information or that information cannot be understood by the general public. This means that there is little awareness of the importance of the bioeconomy in times of climate change, food insecurity and the tangible benefits the use of biological resources can bring to our everyday life. On this background there is a strong need to engage in structured and coherent communication activities on the bioeconomy research and innovation results. The main task of a project would be to provide a better understanding of existing barriers, raise awareness by informing citizens and establish an interactive, two way dialogues between local research centres, the European Commission and European citizens.

Collaboration subjects identified during the workshop

Improving the bioeconomy knowledge of the general public (BB-08-2017)

Potential partners and/or competences

  • DK – PL – NL – DE – F – B – I
  • Bioeconomy solution to everyday problems
  • Identification of perceptions and barriers
  • Communication platforms

Next step

Claus Bo contacts task leaders/partners for input


Claus Bo Andreasen
Chief Consultant
DCA - Danish Centre for Food and Agriculture, Aarhus University
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