Workshop 1: The value chain for sustainable green biomass production from grass - to feed for monogastrics and ruminants

Workshop, Aarhus University, Campus Foulum
Thursday September 15, 2016
Workshop leader: 
Søren Krogh Jensen 


In order to fulfill future increasing demand for food and feed protein, new and sustainable production methods needs to be implemented, which at the same time can save land, reduce environmental impact and increase production. A way to fulfill this goal will be to grow green biomass based on forages which by bio-refining will be split into various products. A driver in increased biomass production is believed to be high quality protein for monogastric animals, but in order to obtain this goal it is necessary to focus on the various challenges both drivers and restrictors in order to fulfill the goal.


Collaboration subjects identified during the workshop: 

  • Biomass sources & logistics
  • Mechanical processing & refining
  • Upgrading of defined products (pulp, proteins, brown juice)
  • Biological evaluation in animals


Potential partners and/or competences

  • Companies with mechanical interests (pumps, centrifuges etc.)
  • Companies with interests in production and in end products

Next step

Find relevant calls and identify precise scope


Søren Krogh Jensen
Senior Researcher
Department of Animal Science - Molecular nutrition and reproduction
Aarhus University
bldg. D20, 3130