Science to policy

The EJP SOIL Programme aims at supporting a strengthened science-policy interface in the area of agricultural soil management and climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The focus is on providing support for the implementation of soil C accounting and the delivery of soil ecosystem services.

The key objectives are to:

  1. Establish open dialogue and active engagement with policymakers, understand and analyse policy makers needs for new research, data or resources, support the policy makers in the implementation of C accounting
  2. Deliver ecosystem services in the EU and translate results into expert recommendations for policy, and disseminate and promote the work and outputs of the EJP SOIL to EU and international policymakers.

Expected outputs

Here, you will find continuous information on the expected outputs concerning international, EU, national anc local policy makers. The expected outputs are among others:

  • Identification and analysis of barriers for the implementation of novel technologies for climate smart sustainable agricultural soil management and of the ways to overcome them
  • Improved and harmonized accounting methodology of soil C and soil status
  • Scenario of European agricultural soil futures under climate change and management changes
  • Evidence-based recommendations for EU policies
  • Resources, Infrastructure and Capabilities Inventory (RICI)