Strategic level

The strategic level consist of the Strategic committee and the boards of Programme managers. The Stragetic committee is a decision-making support body, composed of the Programme Owners of the EJP SOIL participating countries and European Commission representatives with which the EJP SOIL must work in order to align activities undertaken at the EU and national levels. 



The Strategic Committee 

The Strategic Committee is composed of the Programme Owners representatives of each participating Member State. The Committee has a guiding role rather than a governing one, advising on the strategy to be followed by EJP SOIL, particularly through its Annual Work Plans, Roadmap, to ensure that the EJP SOIL meets the objectives of alignment among EU countries. The Strategic Committee elects a president and a vice-president among Project Owners.

The Board of Programme Managers 

The Board of Programme Managers is the ultimate decision-making body of the project. The Board of Programme Managers is responsible for the strategic orientation of the EJP SOIL Programme: overall direction of all activities – research, training and management – and re-orientation whenever necessary, budget revision, incorporation of new contractors, measures towards defaulting partners in close communication with the REA and line with the grant agreement.

The Board of Programme Managers is composed of one representative per country, and members are expected to be the Directors General, or someone mandated to deputising for them, who is not directly involved in the Executive Committee. 

The Advisory Board 

The Advisory Board support the scientific excellence of the EJP SOIL outputs through the participation of scientific experts, and serves as the key forum for stakeholder organisations to interact with EJP SOIL.

As the key forum for stakeholder organisations to interact with the EJP SOIL, the Advisory Board ensures that the full diversity of relevant stakeholders’ perspectives is provided. The Advisory Board involvement also ensures the flow of information to and from the EJP SOIL to take advantage of the knowledge produced by other already existing initiatives on agricultural soil management and related fields, as well as ensures that new ideas and emerging initiatives are duly considered.

The Advisory Board will consist of up to 20 members. 50% of the Advisory Board members will be selected among representatives of stakeholders from outside the project at EU level and 50% will be selected among international soil experts external to the EJP SOIL implementation with knowledge and experience to contribute to the project.