Operational level

The operational level consist of the Executive Committee, the managment support team, the Ethics board and the Board of funders for external calls. The European Commission is linked to the operational level as well as to the strategic level.



The Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee is the decision-implementing body of the project chaired by the Coordinator and consists of Work Package leaders and Deputy Work Package leaders. The Executive Committee is in charge of the operational management of all the activities of the programme. The EJP SOIL project coordinator represents the consortium and is in charge of the day-to-day, technical, scientific and administrative project management.  

The EJP SOIL Management Support Team

Daily management work and handling of the project logistics is handled by the Management Support Team. It is composed of 1 Program Manager and 1 Administrative Manager supervised by the Coordinator and 1 Supporting Manager supervised by the Deputy Coordinator. Management tasks should be understood as ensuring the administrative tasks and the support to the coordinator. The Management Support Team ensures all the administrative process in order to properly implement the work plan, communicate with the partners, report to the Executive Committee and submit the deliverables. 

Work Package leaders

Work package leaders are responsible for proper implementation of tasks and obligations of their respective WPs, including timely submission of their milestones and deliverables.

Task leaders

Task leaders are responsible for the proper implementation of the obligations of their respective tasks as agreed in the Annual Work Plan, including timely submission of milestones and deliverables.    

The Ethics Board

The Ethics Board is composed of up to four independent specialists in ethics and legal matters relevant for the implementation of EJP SOIL (data protection, data sharing, etc.). The board is selected based on expertise in ethics and legal matters, their independence from EJP SOIL beneficiaries and if possible their interest in the scope of the EJP SOIL.

The Ethics Board will identify and monitor the ethics issues involved in the overall EJP programme activities, the selection of research topics for calls, the composition of the review board for proposals and in the projects funded under the internal and external calls (via ethics screening and project reporting).