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WEBINAR: Re-imagining Democracy: Legacy, Impact and Lessons of Spain's 15-M Movement

DEMINOVA LAB and Social Movement Studies Journal are organizing a timely webinar on Re-imagining Democracy: Legacy, Impact and Lessons of Spain's 15-M Movement to coincide with the Special Issue www.tandfonline.com/toc/csms20/22/3

Over a decade on from the “Indignados” protest that kickstarted the protest camp in Madrid’s Puerta del Sol, and led to birth of a powerful movement, we look back on the legacy of the movement, its impact, and what lessons we might learn as we face new challenges to democracy. What impact, if any, did the movement have on democracy? What legacy did it leave for the participants and especially the new generation of protesters it shaped? What cultural legacies and transnational influences did it have? How did the movement shape new networks and forms of protest almost a decade later? What were some of its unintended and unwelcome consequences? What lessons can we learn from this powerful movement? These and other themes will be addressed with a roundtable panel of experts who have researched in the area and contributed to the special issue. Come and join us!


Carlos Diz | Caring democracy and Solidarity Networks 

Fabiola Mota | Transforming Urban Democracy: Ahora Madrid 

Kerman Calvo | 15-M and the penalization of protest 

Lucía del Moral Espín | 15-M and Feminist Economics 

Patricia García Espín | The mobilizing memory of 15-M 

Ramón Feenstra | 15-M’s impact on democracy

Cristina Flesher Fominaya | Moderator and discussant 


TIME: 14.00 (Denmark/Spain) 3.00 (Portugal/UK) 19 April  2023  

MEETING REGISTRATIONhttps://aarhusuniversity.zoom.us/meeting/register/u5IrdeqvrTosE9wyEP0GTG735_yG7K6cEcCr