CORE Organic Cofund is a collaboration between 27 partners in 19 countries/regions on initiating transnational research projects in the area of organic food and farming. CORE Organic Cofund has in total initiated twelve research projects based on funds from participating countries and funding from the European Commission.    

CORE Organic is an ERA-NET - a network of European ministries and research councils funding research in organic food systems at national levels. The main focus of the ERA-NET is to join forces and fund transnational research projects support a focused and coordinated research and innovation effort covering the most important challenges along the organic value chains.  

CORE Organic is the acronym for "Coordination of European Transnational Research in Organic Food and Farming Systems".

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2020.05.10 | Agriculture and food

How is the bird health at Swedish organic broiler farms?

A study of bird health and welfare in two slower-growing hybrids was performed in eight organic broiler chicken farms in Sweden in 2018. The bird health was in general good, but there are still needs for improvements.

2020.05.10 | Agriculture and food

Smart and intelligent drying systems for organic foods

In the last two years, non-invasive and smart monitoring solutions approach for producing premium quality dried foods were designed. Cloud-based solutions as well as soft sensors and the determination of critical control points were investigated in the context of the SusOrgPlus project.

2020.04.28 | Agriculture and food

Animal diversity in organic farms: the performances are still being questioned

A study has been realised on the effect of animal diversity on performances of organic commercial farms, in the framework of the Mix-Enable project.

Oriental Greens are well adapted to unheated winter production. They are extremely frost hardy, fast growing and delicious in taste. Photo: Wolfgang Palme

2020.04.28 | Agriculture and food

Winter Harvest: the Green Revolution

Seasonal and sustainable winter vegetable production in Central European climates appears contradictory and represents formidable challenges regarding increased resource efficiency and reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

2020.04.28 | Agriculture and food

Leaflet on nematodes as suitable indicators for soil health

The new Greenresilient leaflet explains why nematodes can be excellent indicators for soil health

Sown cover crops within a Slovenian vineyards 
Photo: Špela Modic, Kmetijski inštitut Slovenije

2020.04.28 | Agriculture and food

Can cover crops reduce arthropod pests in vineyards?

To control arthropod pests, cover crops can either directly repel harmful species or indirectly favour beneficials. In the CORE Organic Cofund project BIOVINE plant species are tested for their capacity to reduce the impact of arthropod pests.

Katrin Zander presents first findings from the "ProOrg project". Photo: ProOrg project

2020.04.28 | Agriculture and food

Careful, Gentle, Minimal: What are the principles of organic processing?

A joint workshop was held at Biofach 2020 about the projects ProOrg and SusOrgPlus, which both deal with research topics around careful and organic processing. Furthermore, the workshop gave a practical example from a Latvian company.

2020.04.02 | Agriculture and food

29 full-proposals for joint call “Towards sustainable and organic food systems"

The Joint Call of the ERA-NETs SUSFOOD2 & CORE Organic Cofund full-proposals phase closed on 27 March 2020. A total number of 29 full-proposals were submitted in the Joint Call of ERA-NET SUSFOOD2 and CORE Organic Cofunds.

2020.04.02 | Agriculture and food

In which areas are research needed within organic fruit producing farms in Europe?

Within the CORE Organic project DOMINO, a questionnaire-based survey was conducted to evaluate the current status in organic farming including the structure of the farm, biodiversity, fertilization, and areas with need for research. The results are used to draw conclusions for the development of the project

2020.03.30 | Agriculture and food

Tannin extracts to modulate ruminant digestion and reduce environmental impacts

To balance productivity, reduce pollutant emissions by the ruminants and improve product quality, the use of natural compounds with bioactivity on digestive processes, namely tannin extracts, is investigated in the ProYoungStock project

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