WG5 – Dissemination, Communication and Stakeholder Engagement

Harmonize full packaging value chain (from material producers, to waste management, policy makers and industry support organisations) through sustainability science.

Our mission is to foster knowledge transfer between academia, industry, policy makers, consumers, and citizens. We suggest and promote changes at the industrial level towards the adoption of sustainable and environmental-friendly processes.

This Work Group will enhance links and coordination between research programs in fundamental and applied research through short seminars, symposiums, workshops, conferences, and training schools for young scientists and green engineering pro-active citizens.

We strongly believe that for the implementation of sustainable processes related to food and packaging technology in the industrial sector, a new paradigm must be adopted. This will prioritize collaboration among a broad range of stakeholders, technology forcing through customer / market awareness, compromise by industry altering the status quo and education of sustainable products-orientated citizens.

Current activities:

  • Value chain mapping
  • Landscape analysis
  • Position Paper on definition of sustainability and sustainability assessment
  • Engaging with policy makers
  • Finding most impactful industrial support organizations

Planned events:

  • Workshop on sustainability definition
  • Workshop on value chain mapping
  • Policy Day

Krisztina Dörnyei

Email: kdornyei@ibs-b.hu

Milena Corredig