WG2 – Meat and Fish

The objective of WG2 is to define the best circular meat and fish packaging solutions while ensuring and maximizing food quality, preventing food waste, and improving consumer experience. WG2 will focus on identifying the technical limitations and opportunities for the development of sustainable packaging solutions. WG2 will foster international cooperation involving all the actors along the meat and fish value chain, to provide harmonized solutions to current scientific and technical sustainability challenges of packaging in future circular supply chains.  WG2 will gather a team of both academic and industrial partners aiming to make an impact on meat and fish packaging circularity.  

Begonya Marcos 

Email: begonya.marcos@irta.cat
Link to homepage: https://www.linkedin.com/in/begonya-marcos-79711714/ 

Marit Pettersen 

Yildrim Selcuk 

Fatih Oz