Team and Structure

Structured in five working groups

The action itself is structured in five working groups along with three further groups dealing with communication, stakeholder and policymaker engagement, and short-term scientific missions and conferences.     

Circul-a-bility structure

Four working groups are focussed around a certain type of food which ensures that product specific issues remain centre stage, as this action is supposed to link together all the disciplines affecting the life of a product and its package. The last working group aims at a wide engagement of industries, government representatives, policymakers, and more, thus extending the reach of this action far beyond scientists in academic settings.

Two further teams support the scientific activities through effective internal and external communication and by allocating grants for short term scientific missions (STSMs) and budgets for conferences in Inclusiveness Target Countries (ITCs).

If you want to get involved, follow the above link to sign up and specify which working group you are most interested in.

The action is led by:

Prof. Milena Corredig 

Prof. Giancarlo Colelli   


* the administration is performed by Department of Food, Aarhus university, Denmark.