WG4 – Cereal and Confectionary

The objective of working group 4 is to identify and promote sustainable packaging solutions for cereals, baked goods, snacks and confectionary. Since this product group is diverse with respect to packaging requirements (e.g. barrier against oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapour and fat, mechanical stability), initial research focuses on displaying the specific needs and challenges of the mentioned product groups as well as the respective supply chain and stakeholders. Next, studies on actual packaging types used on the market will be conducted to deliver relevant and up-to-date data, which can be used in sustainability assessments (e.g. materials used, multilayer structure, recyclability, direct and indirect effects on sustainability). Based on this, challenges and opportunities for the improvement of sustainability will be highlighted and studies on new materials, designs and processes will be conducted. Finally, recommendations for sustainable packaging alternatives will be given.

Victoria Krauter

Email: victoria.krauter@fh-campuswien.ac.at
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Ibrahim Gulseren 

Maria Milousi