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AMBER stands for Adaptive Management of Barriers in European Rivers. The AMBER project seeks to apply adaptive management to the operation of dams and barriers in European rivers to achieve a more efficient restoration of stream connectivity, and address impacts caused by river fragmentation.

Within AMBER, DTU will be work package leader for WP4 – case studies. DTU will also be participating in compiling all the information on barriers in Danish rivers, as well draw on our contact to get information from other countries. This will contribute to the European Inventory of Stream Barriers (WP1). DTU will lead a meta study on small barrier adaptation in WP4 and contribute to the WP2 tasks of reviewing the Literature and Development of a Conceptual Framework on Barrier Effects on River Ecology and Processes and Effects of Barriers on Habitat Connectivity and Biota. Additionally, DTU-Aqua will help developing a physical barrier planning (removal and installation) decision support tool in WP3.

Read more about AMBER and all the work packages here.

Photo: Jan Nielsen