Partners and experts met at the C-IPM annual meeting in Portugal in November 2014. Foto: Janne Hansen

2014.12.13 |

Filling the gaps in IPM research and knowledge exchange

The ERA-net C-IPM is setting the stage for a coordinated effort to prepare calls for research and knowledge exchange in integrated pest management (IPM) in Europe. Existing research, infrastructures and capacities in Europe have been mapped and analysed.

The C-IPM R&D workshop wil be held in Poznan, Poland. Foto: Colourbox

2014.12.03 |

New! Final programme for the C-IPM R&D workshop

A C-IPM research and development workshop will be held at the Hotel Novotel Poznan in Poland back to back with the PURE congress on 13 January 2015. See the final programme.