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Photo: Joseph Chan/Unsplash

2021.04.20 | People

Three NCMM research groups extended for a further four years

Following a successful evaluation by NCMM’s Scientific Advisory Board (SAB), the NCMM Board has decided to extend the groups of Irep Gözen, Nikolina Sekulic, and Anthony Mathelier

Professor Janna Saarela in the Next Generation Sequencing Room at FIMM, University of Helsinki. Photographer: Kai Lindqvist

2021.04.19 | Research news

Immune cells out of control: how lethal hyperinflammation emerges from a novel gene defect

An international research team has discovered a novel subtype of a genetic immune deficiency disease. A genetically determined deficiency of the protein RhoG abrogates the normal killing function of specific immune cells, causing an uncontrolled inflammatory reaction called hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis (HLH).

GlyT1 (light blue) is a protein that transports glycine across the cell membrane (grey). To do this, it opens to the outside and inside of the cell alternately. In contrast to other neurotransmitter transporters, it is bound by its inhibitor (orange) from the intracellular side, rather than the extracellular one. The sybody, a synthetic mini-antibody (dark blue), also inhibits GlyT1 by binding to a novel extracellular site. Credit: Azadeh Shahsavar/DANDRITE

2021.04.08 | Research news

New perspectives for treating psychiatric disorders

Scientists at DANDRITE and EMBL Hamburg have determined the structure of Glycine Transporter 1. The finding could open new avenues for developing therapeutics for psychiatric disorders.

Plamena Markova. Photo: EMBL

2021.04.06 | People

International relations and their role in research at EMBL

Plamena Markova, Head of International Relations at EMBL, shares some insight into her role and how politics goes hand in hand with enabling scientific research.

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