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2021.10.26 | Events

2021 Nordic EMBL Partnership Science and Art Competition

We typically look to our research images to convey information. These images also have the power to evoke emotion. In the annual science and art competition, you are invited to take a look at the science in the Partnership from an aesthetic angle.

2021.10.14 | People

Meet the new FIMM-EMBL-DSHealth doc­toral stu­dents

A warm welcome to the 2021 FIMM-EMBL & DSHealth International PhD Programme students! This energetic and ambitious group of junior scientists can’t wait to learn as much as possible during their first year.

2021.10.14 | Research news

The Cryo-EM platform receives grant from the Swedish Research Council

New grants from the The Swedish Research Council will allow SciLifeLab platforms and units to double screening capacity, acquire high-end instruments and conduct large scale clinical trials. Linda Sandblad, Platform Scientific Director at the Umeå node of the Cryo-EM SciLifeLab Infrastructure Unit, MIMS Team Leader, applied for the grant to expand…

2021.10.07 | Research news

New leads in research into the ori­gin of identical twins

An international group of researchers has made a groundbreaking discovery that could lead to new insights into the blueprint of identical twins. The researchers found a unique epigenetic profile in identical twins pointing to genes involved in cell adhesion.

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