Weronika Czaban

Weronika Czaban of Poland is a postdoc at Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences, Section for crop sciences at University of Copenhagen.

Weronika is studying root development of deep rooted crop species and intercropping systems. Her first study is focusing on the effect of intercropping sugar beet (Beta vulgaris) and chicory (Cichorium intybus) on the deep root growth and nutrient uptake under field conditions. The methods she is using include:

  • Minirhizotrones
  • Ingrowth cores
  • Nutrient tracers, and
  • Molecular techniques for root quantification.

Deep roots have nutritional, biogeochemical and ecological functions, and they provide many benefits to the crops. However, we lack knowledge of how to obtain and study deep roots. Weronika’s project is trying to answer the question, whether agricultural practices, such as intercropping can increase deep root development and nutrient uptake.

The obtained knowledge will contribute in identifying practices for obtaining deep roots as well as relationships between root growth, crop status, and uptake of nutrients from deep soil layers.

Weronika commenced at University of Copenhagen on July 7th 2018 and is expected to finish her studies on June 30th 2020.