Leanne Peixoto

Leanne Peixoto of Canada is a Ph.D.-student at Department of Agroecology in the Section of Climate and Water at University of Aarhus.

Her research is targeted towards the potential for long-term soil carbon storage from deep rooted crops by quantifying the effect of deep rooted crops on soil carbon stock. Leanne will be utilizing the root towers at Højbakkegård with:

  • Isotopic techniques such as 14C/13C dual labelling
  • 14C Phosphor imaging
  • 13C Phospholipid fatty acid (PLFA) stable isotope probing and
  • Sampling rhizosphere soil solution for the detection for 14C labelled root exudates via microdialysis system.

The primary goal of her study is to assess the potential of deep-rooted crops for climate change mitigation. This will be achieved by the quantification of root-derived carbon input in deep soil layers from deep rooted crops.

Additionally, in order to understand the factors that control deposition and decomposition, she will evaluate the potential mechanisms of soil carbon stabilization of root-derived carbon from deep rooted crops and the influence of deep rooted crops on microbial activity and rhizosphere processes within deep soil layers.

Leanne commenced her study on September 1st 2017 and is expected to finish on September 1st 2021.