Towards a better dissemination of research project results

The General Directorate for Education and Research of the French Ministry of Agriculture has decided to make a priority of valorisation of project results.

2015.10.07 | Valérie Dehaudt

Valérie Dehaudt

Many research projects on organic farming are led at European level (especially in the framework of the ERA-Net CORE Organic), but end-users such as farmers, technicians or advisors usually do not have easily access to the results and innovative knowledge.

Two main actions have been set up so far:

  • A web page for CORE Organic was created on the web site of the French Ministry of Agriculture under “Agricultural and rural development – CASDAR”:
  • A seminar will be organised on March 31st of 2016 in Lyon. The main objective of the seminar is to guarantee a better valorisation of European research project results. The main target is end-users. Switzerland and the Belgian Wallonia region are closely involved in the preparation of the seminar

Seminar topics

What are the specificities of a European research project on organic farming? How to build it? How to lead such a project? How to valorise the results? These questions will be answered at the seminar while presenting concrete examples from different French speaking countries.

The seminar aims at delivering pragmatic knowledge and will propose a reflection on the interface between research and development as well as a follow up of a European research project on organic farming. A final challenge will be to make a restitution of the seminar in an innovative way.


Valérie Dehaudt
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