CORE Organic survey on satisfaction: Evaluation of call procedure

CORE Organic recently carried out a survey on how satisfied the call applicants and the funding bodies were with the CORE Organic Plus call. The results will help to improve future calls.

2015.10.07 | Helene Kristensen

Elena Capolino (MIPAAF, Italy) prepared the evaluation

Since its beginning in 2004, the ERA-NET CORE Organic has paid attention to a correct and transparent implementation of its calls. Therefore, every call put in place has been followed by a survey addressed to all the people involved in the process and its outputs have been taken into consideration for the building of the following call.

An online questionnaire was sent to:

  • 401 applicants (coordinators and co-applicants), including the ones who were not selected for the submission of a full proposal (27% responded).
  • 28 Call Board Members (70% of the partner countries responded).

Conclusions of the survey:

  • more “organic” researchers are now working internationally (24% of the respondents had never before participated in a transnational call)
  • in general the funding institutions are satisfied with the call process and procedures
  • funding institutions are satisfied in general on how the funds (national and European) have been distributed among the projects
  • a better communication about the call, due to new instruments adopted (brokerage event, partnering tool and a FAQ sheet), has been reached

Considerations for future calls

  • the involvement of end-users in the projects proposals
  • the involvement in the call of enterprises, young Researchers, Post Doc, PhD students, adoption of grants for mobility of researchers
  • networking activities
  • more involvement of the national CORE Organic partners for dissemination activities
  • projects coordination costs to be covered by EC funds

The CORE Organic consortium will take advantage of the survey for its future activity but is fully aware that some critical aspects will not be overcome in the short term, especially those regarding the harmonization of the national regulations, which is different for each funding institution and country, due to national legal constraints which prevent reaching common funding rules.

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