2015.05.11 |

“A practical benefit for the organic sector”

In 2015, the third era of CORE Organic research began. Eleven new projects are receiving 11.3 million euros of funding. In this interview, CORE Organic coordinator Ulla Sonne Bertelsen speaks about the lessons learnt when selecting excellent research projects. She also discusses the special challenges arising in the process of choosing projects…

2015.05.06 |

TILMAN-ORG: Videos on results and recommendations

While no-till and reduced tillage systems are widely used in conventional farming, these techniques are challenging to adapt to organic farming due to weed pressure and frequent nitrogen deficiency in early spring. TILMAN-ORG explored ways to implement these practices in European organic farming systems. In short videos, team members summarise the…

2015.05.06 |

IMPROVE-P: New fact sheet on potentials and risks of sewage sludge

The IMPROVE-P team compiled all available information on different treatment methods for sewage sludge. They assessed the potentials and risks of the use of the products in organic farming. On eight pages, this fact sheet gives a comprehensive overview on the state of the art.

2014.10.11 |

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2014.07.06 |

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