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Here we show images acquired with the camera on-board Delphini-1.

All images below are acquired using the GomSpace C1U NanoCam onboard Delphini-1. The camera has a 3-MegaPixel CMOS colour sensor with 2048 x 1536 pixels and uses a 35mm lens providing a resolution of around 60m per pixel from an altitude of 400km.

The images in the left column is the raw jpg images downloaded from Delphini-1. In the central column is a colour corrected image and to the right a bit of information about the images.

All images are free of use providing the following image credit:

"Credit: The Delphini-1 team, Aarhus University"

Earth horizon above the Himalayas

Longitude: 73.657
Latitude: 42.492
Earth Horizon and the Sun

Close to sunset
The horizon with clouds over northern Europe.

Maybe Denmark?
The Himalayas, Nepal

Longitude: 81.908
Latitude: 29.540
The Tibetan plateau, Tibet

Longitude: 83.330
Latitude: 30.418
The Tibetan plateau, Tibet

Longitude: 84.771
Latitude: 31.100
Gran Canaria, Spain

Longitude: -15.489
Latitude: 27.866
Istria, Croatia

Longitude: 13.874
Latitude: 45.260
Coast on the Californian peninsula, Mexico

Longitude: -113.920
Latitude: 27.457
Wyoming USA

Longitude: -104.467
Latitude: 42.587
European Alpes peeking through the clouds.
Earth horizon over South America
Java Sea

Longitude: 112.902
Latitude: -4.048
Northern Territory, Australia

Uluru and Kata Tjuta

Longitude: 131.007
Latitude: -25.335
Earth horizon
Sunset seen from space
Earth horizon
Sunset seen from space

North of Rungwa

Longitude: 33.425
Latitude: -6.613

Central South America

Longitude: -57.360
Latitude: -13.896

West of Sao Paolo

Longitude: -49.349
Latitude: -22.834

Lake Kampolombo &
Lake Kangwena

Longitude: 29.523
Latitude: -11.991

East of Hong Kong

Parque Nacional Llullaillaco
Volcan Llullaillaco

Longitude: -68.876
Latitude: -24.616
Tanzania & Malawi

Lake Malawi

Longitude:  34.241
Latitude: -9.761
Morning clouds in Central Africa

Longitude: 31.400
Latitude: -11.643

Lukusuzi National Park

Longitude: 32.205
Latitude: -13.208

Chongoni Forest

Longitude: 33.836
Latitude: -14.410

Michiru Mountain Conservation Area

Longitude: 34.993
Latitude: -16.036

Northern part

Longitude: 49.307
Latitude: -13.887
Earth horizon
Queensland, Australia

South of Toowoomba

Longitude: 151.231
Latitude: -28.248

Northern part

Longitude: -69.417
Latitude: -19.690
Earth horizon
New South Wales, Australia

Diamond Beach and the city of Forster

Longitude: 152.532
Latitude: -32.073

Lake Malawi

Longitude: 33.723
Latitude: -12.286
New Zealand
South island

Kahurangi National Park

Longitude: 172.435
Latitude: -41.509
New Zealand
South island

Blenheim and the Wairau River

Longitude: 173.724
Latitude: -41.637
New Zealand
North island

The west coast.

Longitude: 174.903
Latitude: -38.485

West of Rio de Janeiro

Longitude: -43.956
Latitude: -22.979
New Zealand

Cook strait
Wellington and Picton

Longitude: 174.405
Latitude: -41.322
Orions belt and the Orion Nebula

5 seconds exposure
New Zealand
South island

North of Christchurch

Longitude: 172.587
Latitude: -43.067
New Zealand
South island

Lake Tekapo, Lake Pukaki and Lake Ohau

Longitude: 170.205
Latitude: -44.209