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Funding Sources

The name of the satellite is Delphini-1. Funding for the satellite comes primarily from Aarhus University Research Foundation (AUFF).

European Space Agency, ESA, has offered Aarhus University a free launch. This is due to the Denmark being an ESA memeber and because Denmark is a partner in the International Space Station ISS via the Danish Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Delphini-1 is a joint effort between three departments of the Faculty of Science and Technology at Aarhus University:

Department of Physics and Astronomy. Contacts: Victoria Antoci (Project Scientist), Hans Kjeldsen (PI)

Department of Engineering. Contact: Rune H. Jacobsen

Department of Geoscience. Contacts: Bo Holm JacobsenChristoffer Karoff

Students from all three departments can apply for participation in the project.

 Students enrolled at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, the Department of Engineering and the Department of Geoscience are part of the Delphini-1 project.