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Publications aiming to present policy-related research in teacher education have been produced following the annual TEPE network conferences. 

TEPE 2020 Monographs

Studies on Quality Teachers and Quality In-Service Teacher Education

TEPE 2020 Monograph Vol 1

TEPE 2020 Monograph Vol 2

TEPE 2019 Journal

A selection of papers emanating from the 2017 TEPE conference in Limerick have been published in a Special Issue of Education Research and Perspectives on the theme of Education for All.

TEPE 2017 Monograph

The need for greater coherence between the different aspects of teacher education has been the focus of discussion in debates about teacher quality and teacher professionalism over many years. This book has emerged from over 10 years’ collaboration within the Teacher Education Policy in Europe network (TEPE) and in particular from contributions made at the network’s eighth conference held at the University of Zagreb, Croatia.

The structure of the book follows two organising principles. The first follows the logic of the teacher education continuum from initial teacher education through induction to continuing professional learning. The second reflects a focus from the local to the global, considering key contemporary developments first at the national level in Ireland, Finland, Poland, Sweden and Scotland then at European and international levels. It culminates in the consideration of the implications of the UNESCO post-2015 ‘Education for All’ (EFA) agenda.

Placing this book into a broader international frame raises questions about the impact of neoliberalism, which has developed over three decades into a widely and deeply disseminated governing rationality. The counter-productive impact of the associated ‘austerity measures’ has led to increased levels of inequality at the national level in many European countries over recent years. There is convergence at the local and European level with the global EFA agenda concerning the need to focus strongly on achieving equitable learning outcomes for all.

Overcoming Fragmentation in Teacher Education Policy and Practice considers key issues for the field in an international context. This book:

·         Reflects on over 30 years of research and development in teacher education policy and practice in Europe

·         Presents key contemporary issues and developments in Europe and internationally at this time

·         Identifies directions for future research and development that address key issues of social justice from the local to the global level.


Hudson, B. (Ed.) (2017) Overcoming Fragmentation in Teacher Education Policy and Practice, Cambridge Education Research Series, Cambridge University Press.
It is available from the Cambridge University Press website

It is also available via Amazon

TEPE 2016 Journal

Special issue of the CEPS Journal edited by Hannele Niemi on the theme of the TEPE 2015 Dundee Conference  “Building Partnerships in Teacher Education” is available here TEPE 2016 Journal

TEPE 2013 Monograph

Crossing Boundaries for Learning – through Technology and Human Efforts

Edited by Hannele Niemi, Jari Multisilta and Erika Löfström

TEPE 2013 Monograph

TEPE-EERA 2012 Monograph

Harford, J., Hudson, B. and Niemi, H. (Eds.) (2012) Quality Assurance and Teacher Education: International Challenges and Expectations, Peter Lang (Oxford).

TEPE 2012 Monograph

Madalińska-Michalak, J., Neimi, H. and Chong, S. (Eds) (2012) Research, Policy, and Practice in Teacher Education in Europe. Lödz: University of Lödz Publishing House.

Currently we only have access to digital copies of the introductory chapter and table of contents which are available at the links below:


Introductory chapter_TEPE_Monograph_2012

TEPE 2012 Journal

Special Issue of Reflecting Education, Vol 8, No 2, (2012)

Research-Based Teacher Education Reform: Making Teacher Education Work

Judith Harford, Marina Sacilotto-Vasylenko, Vlasta Vizek Vidović (Eds.)