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The Teacher Education Policy in Europe (TEPE) network is an academic network that brings together stakeholders around teacher education, focusing on improving the quality of teacher education in Europe. This focus is reached through careful comparison and analysis of teacher education practices in Europe, the sharing of existing practices and of outcomes of research on teacher education, and by discussing the implications of these outcomes for teacher education policies both at faculty, institutional, national and European level. Underlying this mission is the recognition that teacher education is a concern of teacher educators, teacher students, researchers, teachers, school heads and school board, and policy makers at the regional, national and European level. Therefore developing teacher education policies calls for a collaborative dialogue of all these actors and the TEPE network   aims to create a platform that facilitates this dialogue. The work of TEPE is inspired by a strong appreciation of the moral purpose of teacher education. Teacher education is an ongoing process of professional development within the continuum of the teaching profession (initial teacher education – induction – continuing professional development during the career). Teacher education needs to support (prospective, novice and experienced) teachers to develop their professional capability in fostering the individual and collective learning needs of pupils and in creating and strengthening learning environments and school environments that are inclusive and democratic, that aim at equity and that are exemplary for an inclusive and democratic society. The activities of the network are organised through the TEPE network Board membership of which is detailed as follows. 

Strategy 2020-25


The twin aims of the TEPE network are to:

  • Develop and highlight research that can influence policy and improve practice
  • Influence policy making by strengthening relations with policy makers

Strategic actions

The TEPE network Board is the steering group that supports the network in meeting its key goals which are to:

  • Stimulate exchange and dialogue between teacher educators and policy makers in open activities such as (online) seminars on key topics that are relevant for developing teacher education policies;
  • Organize an annual conference open to all (with set criteria that are normal for such conferences);
  • Publish the most relevant contributions from conferences in research journals and monographs;
  • Periodically determine its positions on the key issues in the field of teacher education policy, publish them widely and aim to discuss them with decision makers;
  • Cooperate with other organizations at national and international level in events that will be assessed as relevant for the Network.