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Can I become a TEPE Member?

The Teacher Education Policy in Europe Network is an open and informal network. This implies that it is no formal association and has no formal membership. Therefore ‘becoming a member’ is not possible in the formal sense.

However, ‘joining the network’ is certainly possible, by participating in and contributing to the activities of the network, like the annual conference, the webinars or publications. You can join as a participant, either passively, or more actively by contributing through proposals for paper presentations.

To stay updated on TEPE activities: keep a close check on our webpage or connect to our linkedIn page.

However, it is also possible to become more actively involved by joining the TEPE board or by actively organizing a TEPE webinar or TEPE conference, or by proposing (book) publications. When you are considering such engagement, please, contact Helle Plauberg with your suggestions through the form below.

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