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The TEPE Network was established in 2006 at Umeå University (Sweden) and the first TEPE conference wasorganised at the University of Tallinn (Estonia) in February 2007. Annual conferences have been organised every year since that time. 

Coming conferences

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Past conferences

Thu 20 May
16:00-13:00 | Ljubljana, Slovenia
TEPE Conference 2021
Teacher Education Policy in Europe 20-22 May 2021, Ljubljana, Slovenia: “Challenges of distance teaching in teacher education and education”
Wed 13 May
08:00-18:00 | TEPE Conference is or­gan­ised VIR­TU­ALLY on the given dates.
TEPE 2020 Conference in Helsinki
The 14th Teacher Education Policy in Europe (TEPE) conference is being organised at the University of Helsinki from 13th to 15th May, 2020 on the theme of ‘Sustainability and ethics in teacher education and education policy”. The call for papers is open and the deadline for submission has been extended to 21st February 2020. For more information, please visit the website.
Thu 16 May
08:00-18:00 | Cracow
TEPE Conference 2019
12th TEPE International Conference on " Quality Teachers and Quality Teacher Education: Research, Policy and Practice” to be held in Cracow, Poland, 16-18 May 2019.
Thu 17 May
08:00-08:00 | University of Minho, Portugal
TEPE Conference 2018
Conference theme: Recruiting and Educating the Best Teachers: Policy, Professionalism and Pedagogy
Thu 18 May
08:00-18:00 | Mary Immaculate College, Limerick
TEPE Conference 2017
The theme of the 2017 TEPE conference: ‘Education for All: Issues for Teacher Education’ examined the extent to which the education system can serve the needs of a diverse range of learners and the role of teacher education in the pursuit of this goal. This conference provided opportunities for teacher educators, academic researchers, educators and policy makers to interrogate the notion of ‘Educa
Thu 19 May
08:00-18:00 | University of Malta Valletta Campus
TEPE Conference 2016
Thu 14 May
08:00-18:00 | University of Dundee, Scotland
TEPE Conference 2015
Theme: Building Partnerships. With other 60 presentations from 21 countries, TEPE2015 is going to be a diverse and educating networking event.
Thu 15 May
08:00-18:00 | Zagreb, Croatia
TEPE Conference 2014
Conference Theme: ‘Overcoming Fragmentation in Teacher Education Policy and Practice’
Thu 16 May
08:00-18:00 | Helsinki, Finland
TEPE Conference 2013
The theme of the 2013 TEPE Conference is Learning Spaces with Technology in Teaching and Teacher Education. Critical thinking skills and lifelong learning have been on the agenda for some time now, but the changing environment, in particular developing infrastructures, increasingly networked communities and constant access to resources and networks influence people and learning, and make these ski
Thu 17 May
08:00-18:00 | Warsaw, Poland
TEPE Conference 2012
6th Annual Conference of Teacher Education Policy in Europe (TEPE) Network: Research, Policy, and Practice in Teacher Education in Europe
Fri 13 May
08:00-18:00 | University of Vienna, Austria
TEPE Conference 2011
Teacher Education Policy in Europe (TEPE) Conference 2011 on Research-Based Teacher Education Reform: Making Teacher Education Work
Thu 30 Sep
08:00-18:00 | Tallin, Estonia
TEPE Conference 2010
Mon 18 May
16:00-16:00 | Umeå University, Sweden
TEPE Conference 2009
Conference theme: Quality in Teacher Education
Thu 21 Feb
08:00-18:00 | University of Ljubljana
TEPE Conference 2008
The TEPE conference 2008: Teacher Education in Europe: mapping the landscape and looking to the future aimed to address the central goals of the TEPE Network which relate to: Advancing research in and on TE; Increasing mobility and extending the European Dimension in TE; Enhancing quality through the renewal of evaluation cultures in TE
Thu 08 Feb
08:00-18:00 | Tallinn University
TEPE Conference 2007

Past events

Thu 16 Sep
15:00-18:00 | Online
Teacher Career Pathways
The Teacher Education Policy in Europe Network invites to a webinar on Teacher Career Pathways
Tue 23 Feb
19:30-21:30 | Webinar
The Transformative Potential of Doctoral Networks in Teacher Education
Webinar invitation organised by the University of Graz in collaboration with @TEPEnetwork and @EDITE_EJD