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ECR Mike Loomans (Wageningen University & Research) has just returned from a 4-month cross-institution exchange in Demark. Explore how this invaluable experience not only enhanced his personal growth but also contributed to the progress of the Data Integration Pillar. 

In our previous blog post, we had the pleasure of reading about three PIG-PARADIGM ECRs from Aarhus University who participated in a one-week summer course at Wageningen University & Research.

In this latest blog, we invite you to delve into the 4-month exchange journey of another ECR, Mike Loomans. PIG-PARADIGM places great emphasis on encouraging and supporting young researchers to engage in such exchanges, fostering the acquisition of valuable skills and knowledge across pillars and institutions.

Mike's story once again underscores our commitment to nurturing the next generation of research talent and exemplifies the collaborative spirit at the heart of our project.