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Dr. Sandra Lopez-Aviles. Photo: Oda Hveem

2021.09.28 | People

NCMM group leader, Sandra Lopez-Aviles, appointed as an Associate Professor at the University of Oslo

NCMM congratulates Dr. Lopez-Aviles, who will join the Department of Biosciences (IBV), UiO, in December 2021.

Dr Marieke Kuijjer. Photo: Oda Hveem

2021.09.15 | Research news

Building bridges for NCMM: how national and international collaborations help to drive research

Dr. Marieke Kuijjer, head of the Computational Biology and Systems Medicine Group at NCMM, describes how she collaborates both nationally and internationally, and how it helps to drive her research.

Keisuke Yonehara with a research mouse. Photo: Katrine Ø Rasmussen

2021.09.14 | Research news

The eye registers motion in a hitherto unsuspected way

The Lundbeck Foundation has featured the work of DANDRITE's Yonehara group and their recently published paper in the journal Neuron. The findings were revealed with the help of a “homing” virus, and it is believed that the technique can also be used to study other mammalian senses.