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Opening Up the University: Teaching and Learning with Refugees

Refugee Access to Higher Education Webinar

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Friday 21 May 2021,  at 13:00 - 14:00


Online (Zoom)

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We're happy to invite you to our next seminar to be held on Friday 21 May from 1PM to 2PM (CEST). 

Here is the Zoom link to attend:https://zoom.us/j/99237161184


Céline Cantat, Ian Cook and Prem Kumar Rajaram will present their forthcoming edited book Opening Up the University: Teaching and Learning With Refugees (Berghahn, 2021)


Our talk presents some of the ideas from a forthcoming edited volume – Opening Up the University: Teaching and Learning with Refugees. People called ‘refugees’ are particularly marginalised when it comes to access to higher education. Thinking about academic institutions – their structures, contents and boundaries – from the perspective of the exclusions they generate, and the experience of displaced students more specifically, teaches us a lot about the relation of universities to broader social, economic and political constellations. In the presentation we will talk about some of the key themes of the book - academic displacements, re-learning teaching and debordering the university – as well as focussing in on a few chapters that deal with specific instances of opening up.




Céline Cantat is a research fellow at CERI, Sciences Po, as part of H2020 MAGYC which looks at crises and the government of mobilities. She previously conducted research into solidarity and activism by and for migrants along the Balkan route as part of Marie Curie fellowship at CEU in Budapest. Céline gained a PhD in Refugee studies from UEL with a thesis looking at mobilisation against borders and in support of migrants in different EU member states.


Ian M. Cook directs the Open Learning Initiative’s Weekend Programme in Budapest. An anthropologist working primarily on cities, digital media, environmental justice and doing academia differently, he has published work on small cities, housing, vigilantism, land, environmental injustice and podcasting. 


Prem Kumar Rajaram is Professor of Sociology and Social Anthropology at Central European University in Budapest and Vienna.  His research is on the inter-relations of capitalism, race and displacement, and on critical approaches to teaching and learning.