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Gender and Precarity in Academia

What is the topic you are working on, why is it important?

We are exploring links between gender and precarity in academia in the European context. We will consider impacts and implications of widespread precarity for individuals, careers, institutions, learning conditions, research and knowledge creation, and gender equality. This will take into account intersections of gender and precarity with caring status, class, race, ethnicity, sexuality, age, (dis)abilities and staff / student status. Finally, we aim to make the case for change.

Work completed so far

We have been sharing our work and ideas, establishing our plan of action and building a network. The group’s activities can be followed on social media: Twitter and our Facebook group

What are you planning to do and achieve?

We are planning to meet on a monthly basis, share our work through events and publication, develop our network and build a case for change. This is an important topic due to the detrimental impacts of precarity on individual staff; their wellbeing and careers; university cultures; learning and teaching; research and knowledge creation; future workforce capacity and gender, race, disability and other equalities. 

Plan of work to be completed during 2021

  1. We are planning a series of zoominars to share work and raise awareness of issues relating to gender, precarity and implications for higher education.
  2. We are planning to develop a special issue on this theme.
  3. We hope to build a wider network through social media, contacts and research centres.
  4. We aim to identify key issues and implications of gender and precarity in academia.
  5. We will contribute to the European Universities – Critical Futures conference at the end of 2021.