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Alternative conditions for knowledge creation: Invitation to an explorative journey


A webinar series organised by Eva Hartmann, of the Critical Higher Education research group (University of Cambridge)  and Sue Wright of the Centre for Higher Education Futures (Aarhus University) as part of the project ‘European Universities – Critical Futures’



Universities have been imbued with the mindset of neoliberal capitalism.  The doctrines of efficiency, rate of return, choice, competition, and economic growth have become their organising principles in many respects. These conditions prevent universities from playing a key role in supporting a transition to a future that is sustainable in social, economic and environmental terms. Thinking about an alternative future therefore requires a reflection on existing power relations and the conditions of (our own) academic knowledge production. The webinar series offers an invitation to engage in this ambitious endeavour and seeks to open up space for identifying the conditions that make envisaging another future possible. 



The aim is to hold a series of open webinars (see list below). Each event would consider

  1. The issues at stake in terms of academic knowledge production, and
  2. Promising ways forward to develop alternative knowledge and ways of knowing.


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