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Peer-reviewed publications:

Retrieve all scientific publications to date by searching for ‘ecofinders 264465’ (the project number) at Google Scholar. 108 publications by May 2017.


Girlanda, M., Orgiazzi, A., Vizzini, A., Roggero, P.P., Bagella, S., Lai, R., Rossetti, I., Seddau, G., Bioanciotto, V., Lumini, E. 2011. EcoFINDERS: increasing the understanding of the role of soil fungal diversity in ecosystem functioning. Boll. Mus. Ist. Biol. Univ. Genova, 73: 199. 106° Congresso Società Botanica Italiana – Genova 21-23 September 2011 See more here

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Bragalini, C., Ribière., Parisot, N., Vallon, L., Prudent, E., Peyretaillade, E., Girlanda, M., Peyret, P., Marmeisse, R., and Luis, P. 2014. Solution Hybrid Selection Capture for the Recovery of Functional Full-Length Eukaryotic cDNAs From Complex Environmental Samples. DNA Research. doi:10.1093/dnares/dsu030. LinkRead full paper.

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Bagella, S., Filigheddu, R., Caria, M.C., Girlanda, M., & Roggero, P.P. 2014. Contrasting land uses in Mediterranean agro-silvo-pastoral systems generated patchy diversity patterns of vascular plants and below-ground microorganisms. Comptes Rendus Biologies. Read full paper here 


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In prep / in review

Thomson, B.C., Tisserant, E., Plassart, P., Uroz, S., Griffiths, r.I., Hannula, S. E., Buée, M., Mougel, C., Ranjard, L., van Veen, J.A., Martin, F., Bailey, M. J., Lemanceau, P. In review. Soil conditions and land use intensification effects on soil microbial communities across a range of European field sites. Molecular Ecology.

Andriuzzi, W.S., Ngoc, P-T. , Geisen, S., Keith, A.M., Dumack, K., Bolger, T., Bonkowski, M., Brussaard, L., Faber, J., Chabbi, A., Rumpel, C., Schmidt, O. In review. Two similar earthworm species produce dissimilar soil biochemical hotspots in temperate grassland.

Siegel K., Chapelle E., Edel-Hermann V., Jack A., Raaijmakers J., Lemanceau P., Steinberg C. In press. Are soils suppressive to fungal diseases the sources of biocontrol agents? IOBC Bulletin.

Siegel K., Daguerre Y., Edel-Hermann V., Steinberg C. Fungal proteins and genes associated with biocontrol mechanisms of soil-borne pathogens: a review. Submitted for publication in Fungal Biology Reviews

Chapelle E., Mendes R., Bakker P.A.H.M., Raaijmakers J.M. 2014. In prep. Fungal invasion of the rhizosphere microbiome.

Siegel et al. Comparative metagenomic of fungal communities of soils suppressive to Fusarium wilt and Rhizoctonia solani damping off. In prep.

Geisen, S., Hünninghaus, M., Dumack, K., Koller, R., Urich, T., Bonkowski, M. In prep. Protists as mycophages:  a neglected, but important link in soil food webs.

Geisen, S., Rosengarten, J., Koller, R., Mulder, C., Urich, T., Bonkowski, M. In prep. Dealing with large size prey like piranhas: multitasking soil amoebae attacking nematodes.

Albizua, A., Williams, A., Hedlund, K., Pascual, U. Submitted. Crop rotation promotes win-win effects among ecosystem services. Applied Soil Ecology.