2019.05.13 | News type

New video: Drying of herbs and hops - Tips for small drying plants

During the SusOrganic project it became obvious that hops and herb producers face several challenges in terms of drying.

Ewes with their lambs in Scotland. Photo: Spiridoula Athanasiadou

2019.01.08 | News type

Understanding the socio-economic impacts of alternative gastro-intestinal nematode (GIN) control practices in small ruminants: An interview with PrOPara task leader Simon Moakes

Parasitism is a major challenge to the health and welfare of organic livestock. The PrOPara (Tackling the parasitological challenges in organic ruminant farming practices) project evaluated available means to monitor and control endoparasites and generated information and tools that could be readily used by organic farmers to improve animal health…

No-till bell pepper cultivated on flattened barley, Central Italy. Photo: Campanelli, 2016.

2019.01.08 | Education news

Beyond SoilVeg: Identifying the potential for no-till systems

The SoilVeg project found that no-till practices can have a greater environmental benefit than green manure application in organic cropping systems for vegetable production. On the other hand, no-till resulted in lower yields compared to green manure treatments. However, the project also identified several important topics for further research,…

A dense and suppressive cover crop. Photo: Bo Melander

2018.11.06 | News type

The benefits of crop diversification for weed management

In organic cropping systems, weed proliferation is one of the major factors hindering crop yield. The PRODIVA project developed five general rules that farmers can implement to help alleviate this problem.

Soil sampling at a vineyard in Spain. Photo: Priori, 2016

2018.11.06 | Education news

Restoring soil functionality in vineyards: an interview with ReSolVe project coordinator

Organic vineyards in Europe may suffer from reduced soil fertility, water retention capacity and soil biodiversity. The ReSolVe project (Restoring optimal Soil fertility in degraded areas within organic Vineyards), which ran from 2015 to 2018, aimed to identify management measures which can significantly improve organic vineyard production.

2018.10.02 | Research news

Innovative processing and packaging for safe, high-quality, organic berry products

Consumers want high-quality, organic berry products available in larger quantities. An international team of researchers has set out to meet their demands

Field demonstration in orchard with flowerstrip, Pometum, UCPH during workshop about FAB assessment. Photo: Stine Kramer Jacobsen.

2018.08.27 | Research news

New tools to manage and assess orchard Functional Agrobiodiversity (FAB)

The EcoOrchard project (2015-18) has produced a handbook on FAB assessment in dialogue with growers and advisors and a technical guideline for FAB orchard management.

2018.08.13 | Research news

Improving soil conservation and resource use in organic cropping systems for vegetable production

SoilVeg is an applied research European project involving 9 European countries and 14 partner institutions for 3 years. It aimed at introducing the no-till technique and at improving the management of agro-ecological Service Crops in organic cropping systems for vegetable production in order to get better soil conservation and resource use.

2018.06.27 | Knowledge exchange, News type

Improving animal health and welfare in organic cattle milk production

Good animal health is a cornerstone of organic livestock production. OrganicDairyHealth has focused on dairy cow health through a combined improvement of management and breeding. See the project leaflet with recommendations on optimal breeding strategies and best management practices.

2018.04.26 | News type

Dual-purpose breeds – an outdated custom or a new opportunity?

The Swiss partners of the two CORE Organic projects “2-Org-Cows” and “OrganicDairyHealth” recently presented their findings to representatives of breeding organizations and farmers.

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